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Thread: WWF LJNs

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    WWF LJNs

    I grew up in the 80's and so I was and still am a fan of the old WWF LJN action figure line - you know, those big cartoonish looking rubber ones. I own the whole set now "MOC" meaning "mint on card" aka in the package. Wondering if anyone else was/is a an of the LJNs or any of the lines that followed like the Hasbros, Jakks, etc.

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    I had a Hillbilly Jim, who is ironically billed as being about 15 minutes from my house.

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    I used to have a couple of the old rubber ones you put your thumb in, are they the ones you mean? I had Hulk and Big john studd I think. then I had loads of the hasbro ones when I was a kid until my mum sold them at a jumble sale when I was at Uni! Nowadays I have a few of the mattel elite legends on my shelf, Jake Roberts in his 91 red and black gear with cobra is my favourite.

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    OMG bringing back memories! I had a few... no idea where they are now! How do you keep them in mint condition for so long?!

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    Are the old school ones worth anything now??? I had a stash from a looong time ago, maybe I was sitting on a little fortune and didn't even know
    but why is the rum gone?

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    I had a bunch of them as a kid and I loved them. I remember watching wrestling tapes and playing with them for hours everyday that I wasn't in school.

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    I had all of them as well at one point, but lost them all when I moved, wished I still had them.

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