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Thread: WWE's excessive use of phrases

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    WWE's excessive use of phrases

    I was watching OSW Review Survivor Series 1992 and Royal Rumble 1993. The amount of times they mention WWF Coliseum home video is insane. There is one Randy Savage promo where he says it nearly 20 times in 30 seconds.

    It's funny how stuff like this evolves overtime. Nowadays we have excessive nicknames, but man WWE has always had a love for stuff they wanted to be over. Its almost the number 1 finger print of Vince McMahon in charge.

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    I don't think the "nicknames are excessive" as much as the coined "catchphrase" is overused.

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    "You see" is a classic.

    There's also Alex's favourite: "The one night in the year where the superstars of RAW and the superstars of Smackdown..." however that thing goes

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    Yes but some of the phrases are cool. But you can make a pretty damn good drinking came with Cole and his sayings.

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