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Thread: How much WWE content are you watching?

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    How much WWE content are you watching?

    WWE has
    Monday - 3 hours
    Tuesday- 2 hours
    Wednesday- 3 hours

    How much are you watching?

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    None whatsoever
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    Monday around 3 (DVR fast forward)
    Tuesday around 2 (DVR fast forward)
    NXT 1

    about 6 hours a week

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    Monday 3 hours
    Tuesday 2 hours (DVR fast forward)
    Pay per views live.

    No more bandwidth for anything else. Or anything else that makes me find the bandwidth.

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    Monday 3 hours Fightful Podcast
    Tuesday 2 hours Fightful Podcast
    Wednesday NXT and 205 Live 2 actual hours worth watching. Warren Hayespodcast if I remember.
    PPV's full live and theb Fightful Podcast.

    Also when I hear a Retro Review is coming I watch that PPV so I can be in the loop somewhat for that Retro Review.

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    I usually try to watch Raw and Smackdown. I always watch NXT. I'll occasionally catch 205 Live. I'd like to watch more of NXT UK, but it's hard for me to keep up with it with how they release 2 episodes a week. Lately, I've been watching at least half of RAW and watching/listening to the Fightful Podcast to get the rest.

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