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Thread: New WWE Division needed

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    New WWE Division needed

    So, I think there's a gap in pro wrestling in general. The Fightful recap podcasts have hit on it, and they're not wrong. Most of the guys out there right now are small, athletic guys. 190-240, lean, etc. The typical Bret/Shawn mold.

    What if WWE created a Super Heavyweight division? It could have it's own show and own championship. The "main roster" could change it's branding to the Open Division, and would be where the WWE Championship lived, along with the IC title and US title. Then WWE could go on a recruiting binge to find the powerlifters, defensive tackles, etc. to populate the division. Every week, we get 1 hour of sirloin beef sons of bitches working nice, stiff fistfights, arm wrestling, hardcore matches, cages, etc. I know I'd buy the network to watch a bunch of big hoss MFers kill each other every week. What about you?

    So they start in NXT open division, but get booked more with bigger guys. Once ready, they move to the weight class show. If they get over, they go main roster. It also gives them somewhere to go if they do a big storyline and need to disappear for a while.

    The guys could opt to be in the "open" division concurrently, just like the cruiserweights could opt for it as well. That way, if a guy really gets over on 205 or "Titans", they can "opt" to join the main roster.

    Weight requirement would be 285 and above.

    What do you think?

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    I think there should be an openweight title, so you can get different style matchups with bigger and smallers people... could be a floating title...

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    I agree with both of these. It sounds like it could work

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    I wouldn't mind, but I think they want to make superheavyweights special and look dominating instead of having them be just another division

    Braun wouldn't have as much of an aura if there were 20 other guys his size. Then he's just be the best of the superheavyweights, instead of this dominant monster. He'd still be special because he's really good, but it wouldn't be in a "whoa look at THAT guy" way.

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