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Thread: Becky vs Charlotte Last Woman Standing

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    Becky vs Charlotte Last Woman Standing

    Just some thoughts on this match.

    - This match should without question be the main event of Evolution.

    - What I think will happen: To me it just feels obvious that the WWE is setting Charlotte up for the win. Not only are they dumb enough to think it's the sympathetic babyface overcoming the dastardly heel, but there is a couple of first's on the line. FIRST EVER women's only ppv in WWE, FIRST EVER last woman standing match on the main roster and not to mention Charlotte could break Trish's record for most title reigns. This just seems like a dream scenario for WWE. They can give Charlotte multiple achievements at once and we all know they love doing that.

    - What should happen: Becky without a doubt should win this match. This would be absolutely huge for her career. She is already showing how much potential she has to be one of the WWE's biggest stars and she deserves this win for her incredible work. Charlotte doesn't need this win at all. She already has so many achievements and the WWE will always place her at the top or near the top of the totem pole. This would give Becky a huge career defining moment, that she so deserves, and further cement her as a star. It would also be the perfect end to their feud. If Charlotte wins we will just keep getting more and more rematches and drag the feud on unnecessarily and it will lose some of it's luster, as most feuds do when they are just out to prolong them.

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    It should be the main event, and they seem to be setting it up as the main event with the last woman standing stipulation. But they might go with Nikki Bella cuz reasons.

    Charlotte winning would create a female Roman. I'm looking forward to spending the next few years listening to the commentary team tell me about how the fans boo who they normally cheer and cheer who they normally boo.

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    I feel there is no way WWE is not putting Rousey at not main event for Evolution. I guarantee they are using this for both Total Divas/Bellas. I agree with Becky needing this win for her career. She is SOOOOOO over. I would say she is bullet proof.

    If Flair wins this then I have lost my faith in them pushing thier women. Flair doesn't need it and could put over some women. 7 title wins with how long she has been in WWE is good enough for now. I want Lynch to have a long title reign that lasts to Mania. Flair will be like Reigns to me. Both good wrestlers, but felt pushed onto us. If this turns out to be the main event then I will be super happy as Becky Lynch needs and deserves it.

    If WWE does what SRS says and reads the room on this match it will be phenomenal.

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    They may feel that Becky losing is better for her as fans would feel that management is screwing her over and get even more supportive of her. Kinda like a Daniel Bryan sort of thing. So in one fell swoop, they'll create female Bryan and female Reigns

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