These past few weeks we seen the most shades of gray that I think we have seen in the past year as to my recollection. With Braun/Becky supposedly taking a heel run, with their counterparts being "heels" and garnering much more cheers, I draw the question of which should we believe?

Example: Braun/Roman
Post Summerslam Raw: Braun comes out to and eruption of cheers attacks Reigns, to The Shield coming out to a bigger pop. When Braun was being put through the table, Cole said "what a moment." However when Braun attacked Roman, (which by the way was much fairer because eventually The Shield did run-ins) Cole said "Roman is defenseless." Is it really possible for Vince to be so blind in the hypocrisy of those two statements?

Becky/Charlotte: Post SS SDL: Becky runs down Charlotte and the fans, Saxton talks about Becky "blindsiding" Charlotte and SS, yet the next week commentary talks about Becky "waiting in the woods" when attacking Charlotte. This shows me tinkering and a bit more hope for this story than Braun's.

Conclusion drawn is that knowing what we know from Vince screaming at Cole over the headset and sometimes lack thereof, of where these stories are headed next week. Braun optimistically can be a tweener but it's 99% done deal that he is now a heel and will only be lined up against babyfaces. The lack of commentary for Becky's segment told me a more complex story of the wheels turning in Vince's mind. We've seen Charlotte as a heel for the majority of her main roster run as a solo act, while we have yet to see Reigns as a solo act on the main roster be a heel. The likelihood of going back to a winner act is more likely than Vince saying fuck-all and going in a completely new direction with Roman. The storylines come from completely different backgrounds, the heel turn and followups were called very different despite both being designed as heel turns.

I want to know more people's take on commentary calling these segments week by week because the events themselves were shocking but were the conclusions foretold already? Is it just Roman/Charlotte going over their recently turned adversaries?