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Thread: Will CM Punk come back?

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    Will CM Punk come back?

    CM Punk has played the hokey pokey about "never" returning to wrestling this week. What do you all think?

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    The court case I think has taken more of a toll on his emotional stability than anything else. To say of never wrestling again is one thing, but to try and distance yourself completely from the wrestling business is just not possible...which sounds more like how he's feeling right now. He's got a UFC match including a fan signing coming up soon, so who knows how he's going to feel after that. Like many others in the business, "never say never". Too many times have we've seen wrestler's say they're done, and then out of the blue one day they're all in.
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    He may do one offs for like ROH, PWG or New Japan, but if it comes to WWE, absolutely never. Just too much bad blood there. It's one thing to be against the product like Bruno was, or forced out after a falling out like Warrior, but being mistreated by awful doctors, having lies spread about you on national TV (being called a quitter by McMahons), getting purposefully fired on your wedding day just to rub salt in the wound, THEN have a lawsuit filed against you? No chance.
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    I have to agree with King of Indy Style on the comment about too much bad blood with wwe . I don't he will .

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    I just hope he sticks to MMA, honestly. Is that bad? A promotion like Legacy could really use him.

    Never saw him wrestle, so I cannot judge his pro wrestling performances.

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    Eventually he’ll be back

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