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    When it comes to the new horror flick A Quiet Place, its reputation precedes itself. While being the highly-touted horror movie de jour, A Quiet Place is more of a middling entry than what it’s current level of praise would have you believe.

    The movie hinges on an important high-concept conceit: The characters in the movie can’t speak to each other. It’s the post-apocalypse, and we see first-hand the consequences of making even the slightest noise shortly into the movie - and they are severe.

    However, this technique is really an actors conceit, and it is not surprising that the movie is helmed by first time director (who also stars in the movie) John Krasinski (Jim Halpert from The Office). He and real-life spouse Emily Blunt feast on the actorly challenge of conveying emotion without speaking. It’s reminiscent of Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash but much more earnest.

    The movie becomes enamoured with the silence it has enveloped itself in, and everything in the movie works towards exploiting this. The movie quickly falls into a predictable (and eventually boring) rhythm. The family does household chores or tedious activities, or flat out manages to do expository character development without talking, then something makes a sound, which transitions into a phase of soundless suspense, which transitions into some sort of action. The prologue of the movie encapsulates and puts in place the format of the entire movie in a short ten-minute set piece, one that gets blown-up and repeated throughout the movie.

    Ultimately, the writing lets the admittedly intriguing atmosphere of the movie down by being sloppy and heavy-handed. What good is it not to speak when you so overtly spell out what you’d normally have said in (likely) a more deft way.

    I especially was put-off by three specific choices. The first was Krasinski’s character’s research basement, where there sits a whiteboard and some newspaper clippings that do a lot of heavy lifting. The second was the eventual resolution to the conflict, one that could be described as War of the Worlds-esque. The third was a scene involving Krasinski that I won’t get into in much detail, as to not spoil the ending of the movie, but one that was, metaphorically speaking, an obvious ejaculation of everything wrong with the movie in one guttural scream.

    A Quiet Place
    is a fine (albeit often boring) movie with an interesting idea, but one that wears thin quickly. Come for the silence. Stay for the Emily Blunt Home Alone gag. Leave when you please.
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