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Thread: Zack Ryder has been a Babyface for Over 6 Years

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    Zack Ryder has been a Babyface for Over 6 Years

    Looks like last night, the seeds were planted for a Zack Ryder heel turn, and it got me wondering how long it's actually been since he last worked as a heel. So I did some digging.

    His last Raw match as a heel was against US Champion Kofi Kingston, June 6, 2011:

    Little to no reaction there.

    Just one month later, July 25, 2011, with his internet popularity in full bloom, a babyface Ryder squashed Michael Cole in front of an audience chanting his name:

    To put it in perspective, that was the same Raw wherein Rey Mysterio won the WWE title and lost it to John Cena later in the night.

    Zack Ryder's been a good guy for a very long time.
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    Seems like even longer!

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    Here's a few ideas in mind for a Ryder heel turn:

    He gets a new look and gimmick because the "Long Island Iced Z" gimmick has been tired and old since 2011.

    He gets completely new music ("Radio" by Downstrait overstayed it's welcome and I don't care how many times you update it, it still kinda sucks).

    Maybe give him a new finisher since the Rough Ryder is pretty predictable, matter of fact change his entire moveset since it's more of a face set.
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    At this point i wonder if there is any chance he can get out of the whole wwe dug for him.

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