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Thread: Fightful's first contest!

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    Fightful's first contest!

    If you're like me, you read magazines like Inside Wrestling, PWI and others growing up, and likely saw the Champions of the Galaxy games. We're happy to announce we've partnered with the good people over at Filsinger Games to put on a contest for a Filsinger starter set!

    Many of our podcasts are booking-heavy, so that's the direction we wanted to take this contest. Give us your best booking idea for a WrestleMania match (whether it's a main event, or a kickoff match). Our panel will decide the winner!

    For the past 30 years Filsinger Games has produced the best in pro wrestling collectible card and dice games. Filsinger Games has you covered whether you prefer Legendary wrestlers like Harley Race, Randy Savage and the Road Warriors, the best in today's indie wrestling like Ring of Honor, Evolve, Chikara and Shimmer or want to dive into their classic Sci-Fi game Champions of the Galaxy. Cards for all games work together, so you can play out your dream matchups from any era. You can play with friends or run your own promotion by yourself, and even can play online through your computer or mobile device.

    All Starter Sets include wrestler cards, dice, action charts, and instruction book. The 16 card Best of Filsinger Games starter set is only $15. To order visit and follow them on twitter @filsingergames for new wrestler announcements every week!

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    Only those who post their Wrestlemania booking idea here on the Forum will be considered for the contest, just FYI.

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    It's the month after Tyson Kidd unfortunately has his neck broken by Samoa Joe, and he has just won the WWE Intercontinental Championship, and declares the win is for Tyson Kidd. Cesaro goes on to hold the title for an unprecedented 18 months, beating all comers and challengers, from Luke Harper to Dolph Ziggler, The Miz to Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose to Big E. Cesaro comes out at the 2016 Royal Rumble, wearing his title, and talks about how he's defended it against all comers, and every time he's stepped in the ring and defended it, he won because he is that good. As Cesaro goes on, he once again dedicates the title win to Tyson. Suddenly, a man in all black wearing a hoodie leaps from the crowd and brutalizes Cesaro. Puts him through announce tables, whips him into the barricade, stomps on him, beats him with a chair. As Cesaro lays there in horrible pain, the man in black lowers his hood, and it is Tyson Kidd. Cesaro has a look of shock on his face as his brother, and the man who everyone thought would retire, stands before him, beating him mercilessly. Kidd picks Cesaro up and places him on the top rope, and hits his own Muscle Buster. Kidd then picks up the Intercontinental Title, looks at it, spits on Cesaro, and throws the title at him. The next night, Kidd explains his actions. "Cesaro, you were my brother! You dedicated your win to me! But that means nothing! While you were out here, defending your title, I was at home, clinging to life! I didn't know if I would even MOVE again, and you're out here, wrestling, and using MY name to get these idiots to support you! Well, I'm back now, and I am going to erase all that you've done! I will take what defines you here! I will take your Intercontinental Championship!" To sell the attack, Cesaro is off the show, but Stephanie McMahon sets up Cesaro vs. Kidd at Fast Lane for the Title. At Fast Lane, before the match can even start, the two brawl out into the crowd, having to be separated by security. Tyson, however, breaks away and hits Cesaro again with a chair and brutalizes him. To end their differences once and for all, Stephanie sets up a Title match for Wrestlemania: No Disqualifications, Kidd vs. Cesaro, Tag Team Champions turned bitter enemies, in a Title vs. Career match.

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    Bray Wyatt vs AJ Styles for WWE title
    At Survior series Braun Strowman turns on team Raw revealing his unwaivering loyalty to Bray and the Wyatts. This leads to Shane and Stephanie trading The Miz for Braun. After Survivor Series Shane Mcmahon announces an 8 man tournament to decide who the no.1 contender is for the WWE title after TLC.
    With the final being at TLC.
    Wyatt vs Corbin. Bray takes a brutal beating from Corbin who works over Wyatts arm a lot to attempt to nullify the Sister Abigail. The crowd is slowly getting behind Wyatt as Corbin gets increasingly frustrated due to Bray refusing ti give up. A one armed Bray eventually gets the 123 but he cannot move his arm at all. Corbin attacks again after his loss and jams Wyatts arm in the steps before Braun, Harper and Orton come out to chase him off but the damage is done. ??? vs Ziggler. The mystery entrant is Kenny Omega, he and Ziggler have a barn stormer but Omega wins clean. RkO vs Crews. Orton faces Crews and late into bout there's a ref bump, Orton just hit the rko when the lights go out and when they come back on Shane nails Randy with a chair. He picks up the ref and drapes a recently RKO'd Crews over the former champ. Next up is Harper vs Cena. They have a long match which showcases how talented Harper really is. Super Cena picks up the win cos lol Cena wins. Cena shows Harper respect post match. Wyatt vs Cena and Crews vs Omega is the semi final. Crews vs Omega is first up, he beats Crews after Shane shows up everyone assumes that he's there to help Crews but he helps Omega. Post match Shane reveals it was him who brought the Club and Nakamura to WWE not Vince or HHH. Now he's brought Omega in and the Club is back in buisness and going to take over Smackdown. In the other semi final an already injured Wyatt has to face Cena. Again Wyatt takes a huge beating but he simply won't stay down, he has blood capsule so he's covered in blood and can't move his arm. He has Cena beat but Shane pulls the ref out and Omega and Styles decimate Wyatt. The final of the no.1 contendership is Cena vs Omega. Shane cuts promos with Omega and Styles saying that not only will the Club retain the title one way or the other but he would never allow someone like Wyatt to become the face of Smackdown. Shane is in full 90s arrogant heel mode now. The Wyatts are out and surround the ring. They give the three heels a beat down and the crowd pops. So Shane and Wyatt go back and forth over the weeks with Shane putting Bray in handicap matches or stacking the odds against him. Strowman and Harper start feuding with Tag champs Rhyno and Slater. Cena beat Omega but Styles beats Cena again to retain with help from Omega and Shane. Bray is trying to bring out the legend kiler in Orton and the Wyatts are full tweeners now. Crowd singing whole world in his hands and joining in with follow the buzzards. Bray qualifies for the Rumble but Shane tells him he's no.1 entrantant. Orton starts attacking random legends again and is mainly trying to get to Shane. At the Rumble Harper and Strowman are fighting for the tag titles but just as they have them beat the lights go out and when they come back on AJ, Omega, Shane and two masked guys are stood tall with a chair over a ko'd Harper and tag champs and Strowman is busted open handcuffed to ring and thus screwing the Wyatt family again. Shane says the Club is taking over and there isn't anything that Bray or his family can do to stop it. The masked guys are not revealed yet. In the Rumble Wyatt fights and claws his way to the final two vs Kevin Owens. Wyatt is about to eliminate him when the Club hit the ring and beat him down 5 on 1 and eliminate him before the Wyatt family are out. Owens wins the Rumble. Wyatt has been screwed by the machine again. As the Club back up the ramp the two masked guys are revealed as the young bucks. The Wyatts help a beaten Bray up. The next Smackdown Shane opens the show saying that Smackdown is the land of opportunity and he has signed the hottest free agents in the world. The best tag team and the two best wrestlers in the world. The Young Bucks get a tag team title shot tonight. Omega will face the IC champ and AJ Styles gets the night off because there is no way in hell that Shane will ever allow Bray Wyatt or his band of freaks to ever be the face of Smackdown. The Wyatts are out and he cuts a promo on how Shane is scared of what will happen if the Wyatts were to win all the gold and tear down the machine. They make their way down to look for some revenge when Daniel Bryan's music hit's. He announces that seen as a Raw superstar won the Rumble he needs to find a number 1 contender for AJ to face at Mania. So he's bringing back an event that means there can be no interference from Shane or the Club and this match will decide who is the no.1 contender. It will be an elimination chamber match of Wyatt vs Cena vs Ambrose vs Omega vs Orton vs Corbin. The Wyatts and the Club trade beat downs over the weeks and The Wyatts play some mind games whilst the tension between Bryan and Shane grows by the week. The final three in the EC are Wyatt, Orton and Omega. As Wyatt and Orton get ready to beat down Omega a gong hits and the Taker drags Orton through the mat. Omega distracted is hit by sister abigail for the 123. Wyatt has won after months of being beaten down and screwed by Shane he is now the no.1 contender and will face Styles at Mania. The Bucks will face Strowman and a returning Rowan for tag titles, Orton will face Taker and Harper will fight with Kenny Omega. Throughout all this month's of build Wyatt has not really been able to get his hands on Styles. AJ always had a plan or the numbers advantage. Even in the RTWM Wyatt plays mind games but he never quite gets his hands on AJ until the go home show and the Wyatts take out the Club and AJ is in the ring alone. LIGHTS OUT! DEP! Bray is behind AJ and he attacks as the crowd pops he gives him a proper beat down before being pulled away by stars and agents. Bryan wanting to protect Smackdowns main event orders the stars/agents to take Bray to the back. AJ is hurt but smiling as Bray is dragged away. He starts to taunt Wyatt on the mic with all his cocky catchphrases and attitude when all of a sudden a returning Erik Rowan is stood behind Styles and tilts his head and nails him with his finisher. Months in the making, months of being screwed by the Authority figure and Styles but they will finally fight and the match will be in cage. AJ trys everything to put him away but Wyatt will not stay down. Bloody and beaten he just laughs and holds his arms out wide. Eventually after Shane and the Club try to help Wyatt picks up the win for his first world title. Covered in blood with the belt on his shoulder he is kneeled in the centre of the ring. Lights go out! Dep! When they come back on Rowan, Strowman, Harper and Orton are stood still around him with gold of their own. The show fades to black as Mauro sells the hell Wyatt has been put through by Shane but also wondering who can stop the Wyatts now they are on top.

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    Finn Balor vs AJ styles for the wwe title.

    So its Royal rumble 2017, finn balor enters last, wins the royal rumble, and though he is from the raw brand, he makes a deal with bryan and shane mcmahon and signs with smackdown, he launches a promo that since he already won the wwe universal tittle, he wants the wwe world title, it has always been his dream to have the wwe title since he became a wrestling fan. on an episode of smackdown AJ styles throws a counter promo, that he doesn't deserve it, even though they are like brothers since the days of the club, balor left and AJ carried on the group and even made it better without him, the club doesn't need balor, AJ styles is and had always been a name with more prestige than prince devitt/finn balor, AJ styles says he is better and finn balor will never take the title from him, he should left the same way he left the club, finally the match happens at wrestlemania, the club interferes in favor of aj styles, but dolph ziggler, james ellsworth apollo crews and some others who have beef with AJ (probable Dean ambrose too) came to take out the club and let AJ styles and finn continue the match, Finn balor hits the kudevrah, pin AJ, and Finn balor is the new wwe world heavyweight Champion!!

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    Big Show Vs Baron Corbin - Intercontinental Title Match

    Hear me out :-)

    After his loss to Shaq at Wrestlemania the Big Show announces that he will retire at the next Wrestlemania and his last year will be a thank you tour to the fans. Because the world of Sports Entertainment has been so good to him over the years, he is going to Donate his final years salary(less expenses) to a charity(e.g. Conor's Cure).
    The year starts off with him doing the odd house show and going out to film vignettes to support and promote the charity and the good work it does. Eventually the charity speaks to Show about a big capital project they want to do which will help improve lives, but they need more money. How does the Big Show get more money? He needs to start winning matches and getting some prize money and PPV appearance money. Spurred on by the charity and a desire to end his career on a high, he starts picking up wins which accumulate in a title shot.
    Meanwhile Baron Corbin continues his selfish pursuit of money and beating people up and he has been rather good at it and is the current Intercontinental champion.

    In the build up to the Wrestlemania Big Show asks Corbin if he will donate his Wrestlemania earnings(biggest pay check) to the charity and that will help them reach the desired target for the new thing they need.
    Corbin refuses and says charity begins at home. Big Show then suggests to Corbin that he should put his purse on the line instead of his title as Show doesn't care about the Gold because he is retiring. Corbin agrees and puts his title on the line too, because he is so confident.

    Corbin wins by foul means. A low blow or such like in front of representatives and beneficiaries of the charity in attendance. He turns up at the following Raw on a brand new motorbike to gloat about him retiring the Big Show.

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    Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles (Champion) vs John Cena vs Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship

    Match is built around who is the ultimate face of the company. AJ current Champion, also having Cena's number in the win/loss department. AJ, Samoa Joe and Angle being top guys of their previous companies. Cena continually using the WWE being the end all be all mentality and that nothing you've done outside of WWE matters. Match should come in with a major big time feel with plenty of stakes. After an extremely hard hitting exciting match full of false finishes............... Hello 16 time Champ with the long awaited heel turn with Cena using the win at all cost angle. Whether it be a foreign object or some other dirty shenanigans, Cena will get the job done. Follow this with a heel promo saying he's been here 15 times and no one respects anything he does. He says you people don't deserve to be a part of the history making celebration. He leaves. Wrestlemania 33 goes of the air

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    (champion) KEVIN OWENS vs. UNDERTAKER

    Royal Rumble:
    Kevin Owens defeats (insert someone) after the help from his best friend Chris Jericho. Chris goes to hug Kevin but Kevin just walks away celebrating his victory, hugging the title, saying he did it etc. Chris confused. This leads to their eventual match at the following event where Kevin will retain using the list.

    Undertaker returned at the Rumble as number 30 and won the match.

    Undertaker makes a surprise appearance on RAW via the screen and decides to challenge Kevin Owens to a match at WRESTLEMANIA.


    UNDERTAKER: "Smackdown maybe my yard but WWE is my home and I am coming to WRESTLEMANIA to shut your big ass up. Its about time you fight your own battles."

    KEVIN: "Yeah. Yeah. Well.....well....I would have been THE GUY to end your streak but BROCK got it first. So maybe I can do one better. At and you....title versus your mediocre career. If I win you are done. Oh and lets do a CASKET MATCH!"

    Undertaker: "Be careful what you wish for. At WRESTLEMANIA you will REST IN PEACE!"


    Creatures of the night bring the casket down to the ring. Kevin comes out. Taker comes out. Kevin grabs the mic.

    Kevin: "See this is the problem with this....with you part timers....champions should come out last....I'm the cha....."

    Taker grabs Kevin and chokeslams him. Match starts. Match goes back and forth. They brawl inside the ring, outside the ring. Match goes about thirty five minutes. Finisher attempts, attempts made to put one another in the casket. Then at one point Taker gives Kevin a third tombstone. The druids are on the ring apron. Taker comes to the ropes. Reaches out between the first and second ropes to open the casket. When he opens it Adam Cole is there doing the "suck it" taunt. The druids superkick Taker from each side. Taker falls back into the ring. Adam Cole and The Druids come in the ring. The Druids reveal themselves as THE YOUNG BUCKS! They do a triple Superkick several times to Taker. Kevin instructs the three to pick Taker up. I would say he does the package piledriver but with their rules, he gives Taker the tombstone. They put Taker in the casket ad Kevin shuts the lid on the career of the dead man.

    Kevin celebrates this monumental victory with Adam Cole and The Bucks.

    Kevin asks for a mic. He lifts the belt in the air while he, Cole and The Bucks are doing a group hug.


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    Heel Roman Reigns Vs The Rock at WM for the title

    At the PPV before Wrestlemania Vince Mcmahon returns to WWE in the main event between Roman and Owens for the universal title holding a chair. As he makes his way to ringside he grabs the ring announcers mic and says that this match will now restart as a no disqualification match. He then very quickly slides the chair to Roman in the ring. Reigns quickly picks it up and uses it on Owens so much so that he's not trying to win the match anymore, but he just wants to injure Owens. After that, Reigns wins the title because of the chair and Vince comes into the ring, sticks his hand out and Roman shakes it. Vince then raises his arm as the show goes off air. Chris Jericho doesn't help Owens because they've already broken up at this point. Also we hear an announcement earlier in the show that Hulk Hogan will return to WWE next week.

    On next weeks Raw we see Stephanie and Mick are having a discussion about how Owens will be out due to injury for the foreseeable future. Hulk Hogan later makes his return in the main event segment, and just when Hulk picks up the mic to talk, Vince's music hits, and he enters with Reigns. Vince quickly grabs a mic and says to Hogan "this time you screwed up big time, I forgave you when you went to WCW, I even forgave you after you went to TNA, but this time you've gone too far. Not only did you cheat on your wife, but you were stupid enough to be caught with your pants down, on tape. But the worst is yet to come.. you've made some very racist comments that cost me and my company $50 million dollars. Now Hogan, I believe everyone should be punished for their sins... Foley bringing you back was a bad move because you can't be trusted, but I need to make sure you're done making racist comments. Because IF You've still got something left to say, say it to Roman." *Vince hands the mic to Roman*

    Roman gets in Hogans face and says "Yeah Hogan, I know you have a problem with black people, but do you have a problem with my people? if you've got something to say to me, say it." Roman and Hogan have a intense staredown and then Reigns pushes Hogan hard and Hogan looks terrified as security has to jump over the barricade to stop Roman.

    The next week on Raw Mick comes out and says that "we at the WWE have proudly raised 1 million dollars for the Susan G Komen foundation, and I have the cheque in my hand right now *Mick shows it to the hard cam and then puts it onto a table in the ring full of Susan G Komen Merch* "And here to collect this cheque is Kara Green from the Komen foundation." Kara makes her way down to the ring, and says "thank you so much Mick, you along with everyone here at the WWE have helped..." Romans music hits, he quickly makes his way to the ring, grabs a mic and says, "how dare you come onto Raw and waste time with this nonsense, this is a wrestling show honey, this aint for you, and neither is this.." Roman then grabs the cheque and rips it into half and then power-bombs Kara through the table. Roman then picks the mic up again and says "if you survived that then your a real survivor, honey. Kara is then stretchered out and Mick tells Roman to go home.

    The next Week on Raw, Foley meets with Roman in his office and says "I don't know what has happened to you over the last few weeks... Maybe you're more angry than usual because you've abused the wellness policy again... But I just wanted to give you a heads up that Owens has been cleared to compete and that he's seriously pissed off about you and Vince screwing him. I've also brought you here to tell you that I'm going to give Owens a rematch on Raw tonight for the title in a no disqualification match. I told Kevin this earlier and now I'm going to tell you... If you two ruin this main event by so much as touching each other before it, then neither of you will get the title. And if Vince interferes in your match, you'll lose the title by default." Later on in the night, in their match, just before Owens can power-bomb Reigns into the apron, the Usos jump Owens as they come in from the Crowd. They hurt Owens worse than Roman did with some chairs, and then the Usos and Roman team up to hit the Shield power-bomb on Owens through the announce table, and Roman then pins Owens to retain his title. After that the Roman Empire is formed as Vince makes his way to ringside, smiling and clapping at the end of the match, and all four men raise each others arms in the middle of the ring.

    Next week on Raw (many weeks before Mania), Vince comes out with Roman and the Usos and says "firstly I know what you're thinking, the Usos are not supposed to be here because of the draft, but because I'm Vince Mcmahon they are now full time WWE RAW superstars. Secondly, Kevin Owens is at home right now licking his wounds after what the Usos did to him. And lastly I just want to tell you all why this is all happening, and I want all of you to be open to what I'm about to tell you right now. It all began a few years ago, when all of you made the shield one of the biggest factions we've ever had, no one could stop them. And you think it was because of those millennial midgets Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose? No of course not, it was all because of this powerhouse of a man, Roman Reigns. You see as Roman was getting over, Daniel Bryan got hurt, John Cena got into movies, and CM Punk walked out on you, and so we desperately needed a top guy to fill the void that was left. We needed someone who looked like a top guy and therefore would bring in the mainstream viewership that we desperately needed once again. A man who would get women buying his merchandise just because of how he looked. A man who isn't going to flip flop and fly and then break his neck, but a man who could be consistently relied upon each and every week to carry the ball. So that's why Roman is the chosen one. So you can fight it as much as you like, but the biggest stars in the history of this company are those that I was fully behind. And now that the doctors have informed me that Owens will not be able to compete for a while, Roman needs another opponent for the main event of Wrestlemania. So if anyone back there has the balls to.." The Rocks entrance music hits and he gets a massive pop, and as he makes his way to the ring, the camera shoots the Usos talking to each other and then backing up, and then getting out of the ring entirely, because they're also related to The Rock and therefore can't fully get behind Roman in this one. The camera then catches Roman with a disgusted look on his face as he can't believe the Usos have abandoned him. Vince then sees that the Usos have left and therefore he also quickly gets out of the ring as the rock enters it. The Rock then has a long stare down with Roman, then looks at his title, then the Wrestlemania sign, gives Roman a Rock bottom and a peoples elbow and leaves.

    The Wrestlemania main event is then setup as a championship match between Roman and The Rock, that will later see Roman winning clean by himself, Thanks for reading.
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    The Miz vs. AJ Styles (Sorry its long, I was in the zone)

    We kick things off with the 2016 Smackdown edition of the Slammy Awards. The show opens with The Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose. He doesn't feel Dean deserves it, but Daniel Bryan makes the match anyways. Maryse has also been banned from ringside. After a great 15-20 minute match, The Miz wins completely clean. Advertised for later on in the show is Daniel Bryan presenting the Slammy Award for Smackdown superstar of the year. Just as Bryan is about to reveal the winner, The Miz and Maryse come out ready to accept. As Miz begins to read his acceptance speech, Bryan cuts him off. Bryan reveals that the Miz is NOT the Superstar of the Year. He then announces the winner is... AJ Styles! The crowd pops and the show closes with Miz and AJ staring each other down with Daniel smiling.

    As the weeks go on in January, an AJ v. Undertaker feud is started. The Miz continues his war of words with Daniel Bryan. The Miz demands a shot at AJ Styles but Bryan says "You already have 1 title I don't want you having, No way i'm gonna give you a shot at another." He says however, that he has someone the Miz can defend his title against at the Royal Rumble. Someone who "deserves this opportunity." At the Royal Rumble it will be The Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against the PErfect 10 Tye Dillinger. At the Rumble the Miz gets two seperate backstage segments. One with Daniel Bryan, and one with AJ Styles. Its very clear The Miz is not focused at all on Dillinger. The Miz and Tye go for around 5-8 minutes, while Miz is busy complaining to the ref, Tye rolls him up out of nowhere. The Perfect 10 is now your intercontinental champion. The Miz is furious, Daniel Bryan comes out to the stage: Yes Chant, shakes Tyes hand, Yes Chant again to mock Miz. Later on AJ defends successfully against The Undertaker. (Taker moves on for Mania match with Cena.)

    Later on, as the Rumble goes on, it gets to #30 and no one comes out. They go backstage and you see several refs surrounding James Ellsworth (Back to baby face) unconsious on the floor. Bryan and Shane come over, very concerned. The Miz is standing there (making it obvious he attacked Ellsworth). He tells Bryan to do whats right and make the him #30. Bryan loses his shit more than we've seen since the brand split and tells Miz no. For the first time ever Shane pulls rank on Bryan and tells him he's not giving #30 to Raw because Bryan has issues with Miz. Shane tells Miz to get out there. The final sequence sees The Miz and the debuting Shinsuke Nakamura (Raw) as the final two. Maryse hits Shinsuke with a violin from his entrance (Shinsuke entered #2 with the full entrance) and The Miz eliminates him. The Miz has won the Royal Rumble!! Show goes off the air with the crowd booing and the Miz standing center ring with his evil smile.

    The following Tuesday Smackdown kicks off with WWE world champion AJ Styles. After the Taker match the crowd just simply cant boo him. Daniel Bryan comes out and congratulates him (This is essentally AJs official face turn). Miz eventually comes out pissed off saying all they should be talking about is him. Bryan goes on to explain to Miz that he now has the option to challenge Aj or go to raw and challenge the Universal Champion. He says "Honestly Miz, the only reason we kept you around was because you had the intercontinetl championhsip, now that you lost that, i dont care what you do. Go to raw, lose to their champion, and have a good life."

    Between the Rumble and the february Elimination Chamber PPV the Miz is everywhere. He's scouting AJ matches, and he's been showing up on Raw. His stock is higher than it ever has been. All along the way Miz strongly hints that he will choose to go to Raw. Shane McMahon makes the Elimination Chamber match for the World title: AJ Styles (C) v. John Cena v. The Undertaker v. Dean Ambrose v. Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton. Early in the PPV out of nowhere cameras cut to backstage. An all out brawl between AJ and the Miz has broken out. They get pulled apart and it appears as though the Miz has one-upped AJ. Miz is standing there fuming, while AJ is on the ground writhing in pain. Daniel Bryan (again) loses his shit and tells security to take Miz away. About an hour later, speculation is running high about what will happen to the main event. We go to Miz being held in a secuirty office and Bryan comes in screaming at Miz. Miz goes at him saying he couldn't care less about bryan. He makes it official that he is leaving Smackdown to challenge the Universal champion at Wrestlemania. Bryan screams out "How can you challenge the Universal Champion if you aren't the #1 contender?" Miz looking very confused. Bryan explains that tonight, Miz is still a smackdown superstar and he is still Miz's boss. He reveals that AJ is not cleared to compete in the main event and The Miz is taking his place. Bryan storms off as the Miz loses it and needs to be restrained.

    The Chamber match is now: The Miz v. John Cena v. The Undertaker v. Dean Ambrose v. Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton, with the winner challenging AJ Styles at Wrestlemania for the world title. Another stellar match, final three of Miz, Taker, and Cena. Miz is a bloody mess. Taker has Miz up for the tombstone, looking to put him away. John Cena saves Miz by beating the Undertaker with a steel chair (YES ladies and gentleman, at Wrestlemania its The undertaker vs. a HEEL John Cena). Cena places the Miz's hand on Taker, and taker is eliminated. As the door opens for Taker to be rolled out, Cena and Miz have a staredown...They shake hands and Cena walks out while the door is still open. After 15 seconds of confusion, the bell rings. The Miz is announced as the winner.

    It is now official: The Miz is staying on smackdown, and will Main event wrestlemania vs Aj Styles for the World title. Shane McMahon, livid with Daniel Bryans recent behavior makes an interesting stipulation. Its clear that Miz and Bryan cannot work together. So if the Miz wins then Daniel Bryan will be fired as Smackdown GM, and if AJ wins, The Miz will be traded to Raw. The leadup is well received by the media, the fans online, and the crowds. It is a highly anticipated Main event. On the go home show, The Miz cuts the promo of his life (Something he seemingly always does). He talks about never being accepted as a wrestler by the fans who just want to cheer indie stars. He announces that Maryse will not be accompanying him to the ring at Wrestlemania because he wants to prove to the fans that he can do it alone. He also says If he loses they wont have to trade him to raw, because he will retire and never wrestle again.

    The buzz is big going into Mania. After a 25 minute Wrestlemania Classic, The Miz beats AJ Styles clean. The crowd boos as Miz celebrates, but also pop for an amazing match. Bryan walks out, and very reluctantly offers his hand to the Miz. This Miz teases the shake, and then Slaps bryan in the face. Miz walks out and Confetti fills the arena. The show goes off the air with the Miz holding the WWE title, being joined on the ramp by Maryse. We can then see the ring and Daniel Bryan is being covered in confetti, similar to the Wrestlemania 30 ending, but this time he is holding back tears of shame, knowing he just lost his job. The show goes to black with the Miz holding his title with the evil grin. Thus ending the greatest piece of storytelling in WWE history.

    (And oh ya, Heel John Cena destroyed The Undertaker.)

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