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Thread: Was It A Knockdown Or A Push Down?

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    Was It A Knockdown Or A Push Down?

    Friday night, Dana White posted an Instagram video of Conor McGregor knocking Paulie Malinaggi down during sparring. To most, it looked like a knockdown? According to Paulie, he pulled him down (paraphrasing).

    You be the judge:
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    Knockdown for sure.
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    A bitch acting like a bitch

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    I feel like it was a knockdown, but what does a commoner like me know? Dana is now saying it was a one-sided beat down in favor of Conor. Not sure I believe that at all, but would love to see the full 12

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    Definitely a knockdown and probably just added tens of thousand PPV clicks.

    Going to be like 5AM UK time when this match is on but I am sold on watching it just to see what is going to happen.

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