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Thread: How WWE Will Change Once Triple H Takes Over

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    How WWE Will Change Once Triple H Takes Over

    Well I thought I could do a post burying Vince McMahon but that could take a while, a LONG WHILE. That being said I think we should talk about the future, when Vince finally steps down (or dies), and Triple H Takes his rightful position as Chairman of WWE. Here is a list of significant changes that will be made under the regime of "The Game":


    It would be the most significant change and I would imagine the first thing that Triple H would make first. I thought when this was announced that this would be a good idea, as it would give people on the undercard that didn't get TV time a chance. All was good up until a few years ago when it got boring and it's more evident now. Trying to fill 3 hours every week is a task even the best creative team couldn't make it work. The reason why the 3rd hour hasn't gone away, advertising and marketing. Vince and WWE has made tons of money with that 3rd hour while fatiguing the fans (more on that later). Triple H probably could care less about the marketing and countless plugs to the WWE Network. Triple H would want to create the best show possible for the fans to enjoy, thus cutting that 3rd hour and making it 2 hours again. (However show starts at 8 instead of 9)


    Vince has a weird variety of words that he doesn't like for some reason. Words like title, belt, draft, briefcase (apparently), and wrestler have all been banned because Vince is a weird old man. Triple H will bring these back without a doubt if he wants his WWE to be a wrestling promotion again.


    One distinction that NXT has then the main roster is that the wrestlers are basically themselves instead of wonky ass characters that Vince conjures up during his naptime and write the shitty scripts to match said character. That's what will see once Triple H does takeover (pun intended), more of the guys and gals actually being themselves and cut a promo from the heart and less of the shitty scripts that makes the likes of Sasha Banks and Baron Corbin sound wooden. It would be a refreshing change and one that is desperately needed.


    Once Hunter does take the helm of Chairman, he might make some much needed changes on commentary. If this does happen, not only could we see the end of a three man booth, but we could see the end of an era in Michael Cole. Cole has done this for a long time and he's not what he was 10-15 years ago. Not to say that Cole isn't terrible on his own, he's not, but it's kinda hard to listen to him say the shitty he's told to say. However, since Cole is one of the main pieces of the Vince WWE, he wouldn't fit in Triple H's WWE, thus he is phased out and put in a backstage role of some sort. But who would replace Cole on commentary for RAW? Well look no further to the man that Cole got into WWE the first time and the man that got a second chance thanks to "The Game", Mauro Ranallo. Imagine the commentary team of Mauro and Corey Graves on Monday Nights, how awesome would that be? Over on Smackdown, JBL would be gone as well, and his replacement, Nigel McGuiness. Now while there's no one that can actually replace Tom Phillips, unless you bring Cole in, that could be a passible team on Tuesday Nights. Now what would you do with JBL.....

    5. FIRE JBL

    There is a very real possibility of this happening with JBL's history of bullying, most recently with Mauro Ranallo. Triple H would want what's best for business, but also canning a guy who is basically Vince's mouthpiece. Take this anyway you want it, but you can see JBL back on Fox News when it's all set and done.


    Talking Smack has been canceled because Vince didn't like the unscripted nature of the show and is set to be phased out altogether (source: SI). But I would suspect that Triple H loved this and would want to bring it back as a weekly series, on top of making other weekly series as well that are unscripted. RAW Talk could be a weekly series to rival Talking Smack, or bringing back the Live Stone Cold Podcast after RAW, or have shoot interviews with guys like Shawn Michaels, Sting, hell even the Undertaker. The point is more unscripted shows could come to the Network, and that will get you some subscriptions.


    Once Vince finally decides to step down, I would imagine that Vince's lapdog Kevin Dunn leaves with him. If not, then he'll get forced out by Triple H.


    When was the last time that WWE Titles had some sense of prestige or made a new star? It seems like it's easy now to get a WWE Title of some kind, but when it does matter the credibility of said title gets taken down a peg or two. Now I'm not burying Jinder Mahal because his story is one that I can get behind, but it's the fact that it was only done so Vince could get some of that cash flow from India that makes Jinder not accepted (other than the anti-American gimmick and "You People" promos). Once Triple H takes the reigns, you can bet that the main roster belts will be treated with prestige and honor, just look at the NXT belts.


    One of the main problems WWE has with creating new stars in the Vince-led WWE is that they love putting over the past and having current stars job to part-timers. Hence the reason why Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion. With Triple H expect less of this and more of using part-timers to put the current stars over.


    Vince's WWE is more "Sports-Entertainment" than just "Sports". Today's product is more soap opera than wrestling, and that doesn't help matters at all. While there will be drama on WWE TV under Triple H, I expect it to be more wrestling.


    This is the most important change on this list. Vince has proven time and time again that he is tone-deaf, out of touch, and doesn't care what the fans want. It's frustrating to see the company in the state that it's currently in because it's Chairman doesn't care what us the fans want. Him cancelling Talking Smack is the most recent proof that he's out of touch. At this point WWE might die before Vince unless if he does the right thing and steps down. Triple H has taken NXT from an obscure and unnecessary game/reality show into more of a third brand than developmental. When Triple H does become the head honcho, expect him to listen to what us the fans want.

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    Some things will change but WWE is still a business so going back to 2 hour raw won't happen imo. I also think that HHH/Steph will sell the company at some point as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tap589 View Post
    Some things will change but WWE is still a business so going back to 2 hour raw won't happen imo. I also
    think that HHH/Steph will sell the company at some point as well
    Wow, that's a bold prediction.

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