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Thread: KOSS: NXT Portland Experience

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    KOSS: NXT Portland Experience

    Hey guys! I attended NXT's Second Live Event here in Portland, Oregon last night. Here are my thoughts on the matches and other things. Enjoy!

    No Way Jose vs. Kona Reeves:

    No Way Jose is so, so, SO OVER. He got one of the loudest reactions of the night, and he got multiple Jose chants, in the tune of the Ole chant. During his entrance, Jose went out into the crowd, up one of the sets of stairs (right past my seat!), into the concessions area, and went down another set of stairs and finally to the top of the ramp. The crowd was going totally BALLISTIC during this, and it really set the mood for the rest of the night. The match was whatever, but the crowd being so invested in Jose was very fun. This is the second time I've seen Jose (the first time was the very first NXT Live event here in Oregon in May of 2015, and he was super over then, too), and he definitely works as a very fun live experience guy. Jose won via a Pop-Up Forearm.

    Lars Sullivan vs. Demetrius Bronson:

    Both guys got a mixed reaction, as people didn't really know who Sullivan was, and Bronson's was mixed because he was wearing Seahawks colors. Lars did get a few LARS and Lars is gonna Kill You chants. The match was nothing special, but the aftermath was what got people super hyped. Lars beat Bronson with a Uranage slam, and after he pinned him, Lars hit him with another one, to the crowd's delight. The crowd began chanting one more time, and Lars looked back and looked like he was going to attack him again, but went up the ramp to boos. At the top of the ramp, he turned around and looked at Bronson, and the crowd got super hot. Then Lars ran back to the ring and hit him with a THIRD Uranage slam to thunderous cheers. Lars left to applause as Bronson sold in the corner. A few moments later, LARS RAN FROM THE BACK AND HIT A FOURTH ONE!! The crowd LOST THEIR MINDS at this. Lars left to a Lars chant as Bronson was carried out by refs.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade 'Cien' Almas:

    Both guys got a good reaction, with Drew's being bigger. This was a totally solid match, and these two worked very, very well together. Drew did a few 3MB moves to the crowd's delight, and Almas brought out a few of Los Ingobernables' moves. I can't really say much more other than this was a fun match with two great wrestlers. McIntyre won via Claymore

    A Velveteen Dream video was shown with him talking about Portland. Pretty meh. He got a small You're Not Prince chant.

    Asuka came out and cut a promo about how she's undefeated. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce came out next, and I can't even begin to try to describe what they said because they were loud, shrill and I couldn't understand a word. Asuka's English isn't very good but she was MUCH easier to understand than these two. They were talking about being iconic or something and Asuka is a loser and Asuka leveled them. Suddenly, Nikki Cross stormed the ring from the crowd and attacked Asuka, to a big pop! But Asuka quickly got up, hit a trio of Germans and stood tall. This kinda sucked. I was really disappointed to not see Asuka or Nikki Wrestle, and Kay and Royce were horrible.

    Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black:

    Wow. Aleister is a GOD. DAMN. MEGASTAR. I haven't watched since before Nakamura debuted, so I had no clue about Black's entrance. IT WAS AMAZING. He came out to one of the biggest pops of the evening, and the crowd was mental during his whole entrance. The match itself was solid too. Dream wasn't noteworthy, but MY GOD, Black's offense looked CRAZY. EVERY TIME Black hit a big kick or a huge knee, the crowd popped HUGE! Black also busted out a few moonsaults, which also got big reactions. Aleister won after hitting a spinning roundhouse kick after Dream springboarded off the ropes. Black is gonna be a HUGE DEAL on the main roster.

    Before intermission, the ring announcer was shilling a book about NXT, and accidentally called us Seattle instead of Portland to the biggest heat of the night, lol!

    NXT Tag Team Titles:
    Authors of Pain (c) vs. Heavy Machinery

    I was in concessions during the entrances, but Heavy Machinery got a solid pop, because I guess one is from Oregon. This was pretty meh. Heavy Machinery don't do anything for me, I didn't think they were particularly impressive and they looked like Bull Dempsey clones. I did like the AoP and I think with some more fine tuning they could be a dang good monster team. The crowd was pretty into it but I couldn't really get into it. AoP retained after a Clothesline-Russian Legsweep Combo. Heavy Machinery left the ring to a good reaction.

    Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot:

    I wanted to like this match, but it had too much stalling for my liking. It started off pretty good, the women did some impressive chain wrestling which led to Riot hitting a big hurricanrana to a good reaction and a big Women's Wrestling chant. The match slowed to a halt when Ember applied a chinlock of some kind and didn't let go for a couple minutes, which sort of killed the crowd. Once Riot escaped though it picked up again, though it got pretty good. It was totally solid. Ember won after hitting The Eclipse, which looks CRAZY in person, to a big pop. Also before this match, the ring announcer went up to a little girl in the front row and asked her about helping him with ring introductions, and he got MORE boos. The crowd wasn't over being called Seattle, haha!

    NXT Championship:
    Bobby Roode (c) vs. Roderick Strong:

    Before I even get into the match, I want to say that Bobby Roode has one of the funnest entrances around. I had a total BLAST singing the lyrics with the rest of the arena, who all sang together. And the main event itself was very, very good! Roderick has some of the best looking offense in wrestling, every Backbreaker, Jumping Knee, chop, and forearm looked incredibly nasty and got a great reaction from the crowd. Before the match even started, Roode removed his robe and threw it onto the ring announcer to a big pop, and he turned around right into a MASSIVE Jumping Knee from Strong, which got a GREAT Nearfall. Later in the match, Roode pushed the ring announcer from his seat and took his chair to another big pop. He was about to hit Strong with the chair but the Ref grabbed it away from him. Roode turned around argued with the ref and got rolled up by Strong for an AMAZING nearfall that had people thinking Strong would have actually won. This had some great nearfalls in the closing stretch, which got the crowd more and more hyped. Finally, Roode grabbed the ref close as Strong had a rear waistlock, and Roode kicked him in the balls and the ref couldn't see, and Roode hit a BIG Impaler DDT to win. This was far and away the MOTN, these two worked really good together. Strong is crazy over right now, they should capitalize on that while they have the chance.

    Overall, this was a really fun show. Oregon doesn't have a whole lot in terms of live wrestling, and while I would love to, it's not feasible at this point to travel up to Seattle or down to Reseda to see DEFY or PWG every month. So when a Live Event comes through, I always jump at the chance to go, because there's nothing better than seeing some live wrestling and chatting with other wrestling fans. I don't think I'd put this on the same level as NXT's first Live Event here in Oregon, which had Nakamura, Joe vs. Balor, Asuka in action, (Fuck) The Revival vs. American Alpha, and Austin Aries, but this was still a damn fun show, and it was really, really neat to see Roode, McIntyre, Strong, Ember, Almas, and Aleister in person. If NXT ever goes to your town, I highly recommend going, It's a really great time.

    Thank you for reading!
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    Nice review. Having lived in Central Florida for the past decade I can confirm that NXT live events are so much fun. It's as close to indy as wwe can be and the atmosphere and crowds are really cool

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    Love the review!

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