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Thread: KOSS PWG PREVIEWS: Pushin' Forward Back (July 7th)

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    KOSS PWG PREVIEWS: Pushin' Forward Back (July 7th)

    Straight off the heels of seeing Wonder Woman (which was absolutely stupendous and is one of my favorite super hero movies ever), and a day after Man on the Silver Mountain, PWG has announced what may be one of their most significant cards to date. Let's get into it!

    Sammy Guevara vs. Rey Horus

    PWG is starting off strong with two debuts! Sammy is one of the Indie scene's younger rising stars, Sammy has made a name for himself in a short amount of time. He's impressed audiences in Wrestle Circus with his dazzling high flying manuvers. Sammy is someone who I have wanted to see in PWG ever since I first saw him and it is really cool to see him here in PWG already. And his opponent is no slouch either. Rey Horus has made a namefor himself in Mexico and the states. His best known work comes from Lucha Underground, where you'd know him as Dragon Azteca Jr. These two will deliver a thrilling high flying match and look to impress and pick up a win in their debuts, especially with the Battle of Los Angeles around the corner.

    My pick to win: PWG usually has a debuting act lose. But since both are debuting acts, it's really a toss up. I personally think Sammy Guevara will walk out with the win here since I think he is more likely to be around.

    Lio Rush vs TRENT?:

    If you've read my PWG posts, you know of my love of Trent. I think he's the most underrated man in wrestling, and that he's the hardest worker in any match he's in and he's the best success story of a WWE guy on the indies (sorry Galloway and Cody). Lio Rush is great in his own right, and for a 21-22 year old, his skill level is insane. Lio has been motivated in every match he's had in PWG, whether his debut against Ricochet or his excellent match with REY FENIX. Both these guys will look to deliver again, and considering it's Trent and Lio, they'll have no problem delivering here.

    My pick to win: Trent is coming off two straight losses (Jeff Cobb at Man on the Silver Mountain and Zack Sabre, Jr. at Head Like a Cole), while Lio is coming off a loss to Keith Lee last night at Man on the Silver Mountain and a victory over Mark Haskins at Head Like a Cole, as well as a victory over
    PWG Tag Team Champion REY FENIX at Game Over, Man. Trent is who I think will win here, and gain some momentum before BOLA.

    Keith Lee vs. PWG Tag Team Champion REY FENIX

    This will be great!! Keith works really well against little guys, and FENIX works great with.....well everyone! This'll be a hard hitting one, with a power vs. Speed element. I think it'll be even better than Lio vs. Keith from Man on the Silver Mountain, since FENIX is much more polished than Rush. And if Lee does beat FENIX here, maybe he and Rush will team up, since they both beat a PWG Tag Champ. Hmmmm....

    My pick to win: I'll take REY FENIX here, since PENTA and FENIX will most likely be defending their PWG Tag Team Titles during BOLA, and they'll want to look strong.

    Shane Strickland, Dezmond Xavier and Jason Cade vs. Oi4K (Sami Callihan and Jake and Dave Crist)

    A match like this occurred a couple months ago in Wrestle Circus and got rave reviews. Granted, Lio Rush was in Jason Cade's position, but my point still stands. The Crists deliver best in a chaotic 6 Man tag setting, and even though I generally don't like them, I think this will be a fun, psychotic tag team spotfest.

    My pick to win: Oi4K are an established trio act, while Cade/Xavier/Strickland are thrown together. And since the Crists are winless in PWG, I expect them to pick up the win here.

    Ricohet vs. Trevor Lee

    This is one of those matches where you think you've seen it a few times in PWG, but has actually not happened yet. At least I think so. This'll be a perfectly solid match with great Ricochet athleticism and selling and great Lee dickheadness.

    My pick to win: Another toss up. I think Ricochet picks up the win here.

    Unbreakable FN Machines vs. Young Bucks

    This is another match where you think you've seen it a few times. But in reality this has only happened once, in the middle of a DDT4 tournament a few years back. This will be a fun contrast of styles that I think people will endup sleeping on.

    My pick to win: Normally I'd say The Young Bucks would win here, but with BOLA coming up, and with a win over War Machine last night, I think the Machines will win here and challenge The Lucha Bros during BOLA weekend if the Chosen Bros don't.

    PWG World Championship: Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) vs. Chuck Taylor

    This is it. The culmination of the months long LDRS vs. Best Friends feud. It started back in February, when Zack choked out Chuck at Only Kings Understand Each Other. After the match, Marty Scurll emerged from the back, and Zack turned heel and reformed the LDRS with Scurll. Luckily, Trent made the save, and one PWG's most beloved teams, The Best Friends, were back. A month later, at Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock n' Roll), The Best Friends got a leg up on the LDRS, when Trent pinned Zack in the middle of the ring. However, The LDRS brutally attacked after the bell, destroying Chuck on a structure of chairs. In April at Game Over, Man, Chuck finally got revenge on Scurll in a brutal Reseda Street Fight. In May, at Head Like a Cole, The LDRS got one back when Zack retained his PWG World title against Trent. And last night, at Man on the Silver Mountain, Chuck called out Zack after his and Marty's victory over ReDRagon. His message was clear. He wanted the PWG World Championship. And in July, he gets his shot again. But, this comes with a catch that Chuck himself laid out: If Zack beats Chuck again, Chuck will never challenge for the PWG World Championship again. Chuck is willing to put it all on the line here. This is the most important match of Chuck's career, and one of the most important matches in PWG history.

    My pick to win: It's must win. Chuck Taylor needs to win this match. And I believe that at the end of the night, Chuckie T will make the legion hall shake with joy, and have his hand raised in victory, as the new PWG World Champion.

    Overall thoughts: There isn't a bad match on the card. Two great debuts, some fun mixes of style, a fun 6 man spotfest and one of PWG's biggest matches ever. This will be a long wait. But it'll be worth it.
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    Good preview. I hope Taylor wins cuz if not the wwe rumors will start, and nobody wants that.

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