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Thread: Things NJPW Does Better Than WWE...

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    Things NJPW Does Better Than WWE...

    Just a small thing I noticed during the Kushida/El Desperado match on day one of BOSJ, the referee uses a much faster 5 count for a choke/eye gouge etc for cheating and when a guy looks in danger.

    Whether it be rules/presentation or anything else, what other things do you guys think New Japan does better than what we're used to?

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    Wrestling, Storylines, Building to matches, protecting finishers, stables, elevating new talent, a cruiserweight division, rejuvenating careers, comedy, booking, tournaments, slow builds, Champions coming out second, making titles feel important. Besides MAYBE the Tag Team Divisions (While NJPW has a LOT of really great teams, they're not exactly booked importantly. But Tag Divisions with War Machine, The Young Bucks, Guerrillas of Destiny, Roppongi Vice, TenCozy, ect...DAYUM), and being a global #1 presence, NJPW smacks around WWE at everything.
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    There's a looooooooooooot of things, but that model wouldn't work long over here and vice versa.

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    Wrestling.... They do that way better... But Storylines.......... Ehhhhhhhhh IDk King of indy

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