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Thread: Twin Peaks

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    Twin Peaks

    Anyone else here old enough and weird enough to be excited that the 25 year wait for new episodes is almost over?

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    I remember it; I remember the scene of the guy smashing his head into a mirror. I didn't watch the show so I don't remember the premise but I've always remembered that scene.

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    That was the show closer... It has been a 25 year cliff hanger.

    The premise started out as a "who killed the prom queen" and then became wonderfully weird.

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    It is probably my favorite series of all time. I just got done watching the original series again for the 3rd or 4th time. I am ecstatic about it coming back. Almost the complete cast and I think all the episodes are written and directed by the original creators Mark Frost and the great David Lynch. For me this is a real treat...I hope!

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    I'll be honest, I just got into non-wrestling TV about ten years ago, and REALLY GOOD tv about five or six years ago. Should I check the original out?

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    Here's some thoughts and notes to those who are wondering about the original show and are going to watch the new Twin Peaks:

    I would think that if you watch the original 2 hour pilot film that started the show off in 1990, you will possibly be interested in seeing where it goes and get involved in the excellent characters in the show. It's FULL of great baby faces and heels! When I say this is my favorite show ever, consider this: I go back to the mid '50s watching TV and I would have said it was the best show I ever saw back in 1990, 10 years ago, 5 years ago and even now in 2017.
    This is not a Vince Russo "It's the best thing I ever saw!!!" statement which I chuckle about when he says it on every show for every different thing he's excited about at the very moment he is exclaiming it. I love Mr. Vince Russo, by the way, but I'm not an enemy to anyone who may have just felt heat for me mentioning his very existence. Unlike VR, I am as non-disputatious as they come. Still, he is forever saying stuff without thinking. There are at times things that quite piss me off and reveal a bit too much of his lack of wisdom or, more likely thought, in some matters.
    I digress. Back to the matter at hand.
    Co-creator, David Lynch, has gotten more eccentric as the years have gone on and some are expecting this new show to be too over the top and convoluted. The difference here is that the other co-creator, Mark Frost, is also aboard and I always felt it was his presence that kept it from wandering too far off into the ether. Hmm...sort of like a filter. Since he's back as well, I have extremely high hopes for this new show to be on a par with the original.
    However, I do worry that those not seeing the original show might be confused. I don't know how they are going to connect the 2 incarnations of the show. I trust that it will be done with taste and with the realization that many were not there when the first show was the hippest thing in the universe back in '90.
    I think it was Jimmy Van above who remembers the frightening, and ultra graphic-for-it's-time, murder midway through the 2nd season. It's still shocking to this day.
    Lynch had to leave the show for awhile during the last half of the 2nd and final season and the show took a drop in quality, but it never “jumped the shark”, IMHO. ABC execs hated the show and moved it all over the schedule and effectively killed it. I was one of the few people who was able to find it after all the time-slot and weekday changes along with various weeks of hiatus and preemptions. I got to that last episode which had a number of cliffhangers and I was wanting more. Amazingly, one character in a famous segment early on in the show is made up as a much older man and the murdered girl says something like “I will speak again in 25 years”.
    It has been 25 years and I've been waiting it out all that time. I'm amazed that the show ended so long ago. How could it be years before the attitude era even started? I didn't realize it was so long ago that a new generation is now in full force. Do note that an amazing amount of TV has been inspired by the show since then.
    But still, that original pilot movie (if you watch, it's the 2hr TV movie, not Episode 1) remains a real TV gem to me. Note: Even more confusing, now that I think of it, in Europe the Pilot was shot as a feature and it has a false ending that will confuse the hell out of anyone who sees it. Avoid that like the plague if you chose to check it out! In the Blu Ray set this is very well explained. I am unaware of how it's being presented on the streaming services.
    I say this with a wink, but I'm not sure of SRS's being able to get into this show, though. I hope he does.
    I don't think his sense of the cinéaste is all that off kilter, by the way. Get this...I wasn't knocked out by Pulp Fiction when I first saw it either! I caught it some years after it was released and I was expecting something quite different from what it turned out to be. I did, however, give it a second chance some years later and twice was the charm. I loved Star Wars in '77 and even was excited when Episode 1 was about to be released whenever that was. The sequels, even the recent ones, have taken all the wind out of my Star Wars sails ever since to the point that I don't think I'll ever watch the first three again in this lifetime. So I have some understanding of our host's attitude concerning these two films.

    Sorry. Another digression (no, not an old brain wandering, damnit!) so back to the show...

    I should warn that there are a number of questions about what is going on Twin Peaks and that it does require a bit of attention. There are some things in the series that were never answered due to it's early and quick cancellation. There are also some things that are just in there to keep you guessing and will probably never be answered. That's part of the fun and enjoyment I have gotten from it over the years. It's certainly not a show you can watch while doing something else or, GOD FORBID, on an I Phone.*
    However, I do think that if you give it an honest look you might get into the characters and fall willingly and gladly into the deep mystery of “Who killed Laura Palmer”.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to my son's house Sunday night with some friends and watch the new Twin Peaks with fingers crossed and with some warm nostalgia and maybe a nice glass of a good sherry or two. I do wish I could do that on Monday or Tuesday nights with a good ale or three or four but I find that not happening soon or ever. Even a son-in-law of mine - who I got to watch WWE for the past year or so and who was a fan of WCW in the late '90s - last week told me he was tapping out on it.
    Oh well, I'm still in there with the WWE but sometimes I can't wait for it to be over so I can see what SRS and crew think of what I just saw. Thank you, guys!

    *”People who say they have watched one of my films on an I phone are mistaken. They have not seen the film even if they THINK they have.” David Lynch.
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    Breaking Bad is not that good show you are talking about

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    Just finished the new Twin Peaks premiere. It's different but very intriguing. I'll hold any criticism until a few more episodes are under my belt but I think I am going to like it quite a bit. I wouldn't recommend it for people who want a car chase every segment, though. It's an intentionally slow build here, but I think there will be a nice payoff for those with patience to stick with it.

    Here is a link to a few very short films that may be of interest to fans:

    If you like any of these, post here and say hi. If you don't like any, let me know why.

    Not sure what is up with the previous post about Breaking Bad and who it was meant for. You didn't like it? I haven't seen it yet. People whose taste I respect have liked it more than a lot. I want to see it very much when I get the time to do a monster binge with it... which may be never.


    Just found they have episodes 3 & 4 up on demand. With episode 4 the show really clicked for me.
    My favorite line in the show so far is not even spoken: "I am Dougie's Coffee cup." The first 3 episodes will be a hard watch for not fans but now that Cooper is in the "real" world, it's really entertaining. There are some phenomenal musical groups under the closing of each episode. I hope this is kept up for every episode.
    People who have never seen the show, watch the original pilot from 1990 and you will get an idea of who the characters are. A Walking Dead cast member is in the Vegas Jackpot sequence, by the way.
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    5 episodes in and I am calling this show a complete success.
    I have watched each of the 5 episodes 3 times each and I am completely enthralled in it. This is the first time in probably 10 years that I wait all week to see the next episode. At the risk of turning people off here, I have to describe as a work of art. But a highly entertaining one.
    I literally can not wait till Sunday night to see the next episode.
    Do yourself a favor and commit to watching and concentrating on the show and the reward is great.
    I highly recommend watching the earlier episodes (29 in all) first and you will probably fall in love with the show.

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    I just ordered Starz and Showtime. Heard this was pretty good. Will be checking it out soon. I never saw the original show. Probably because I was a kid who barely watched tv when I was that age.
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