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Thread: Congrats to Matt Riddle voted WZ's Rookie of the Year

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    Congrats to Matt Riddle voted WZ's Rookie of the Year

    WrestleZone just announced their rookie of the year and after 30,000 votes cast, Matt Riddle was voted Rookie of the Year!

    "In 2016 a number of exceptional talents debuted all around the world, some making more impact than others. From the monstrous Braun Strowman terrorizing the landscape of WWE, to Matt Riddle’s absolutely incredible transition from MMA to pro wrestling on the independent scene. From David Finlay graduating from Young Lion status in New Japan, to Lio Rush as the Top Prospect of Ring of Honor, to the insane schedule and dedication of 23-year-old Big Japan rookie Takuya Nomura.

    Here are the results:

    Winner: Matt Riddle – 37.1%

    Braun Strowman – 29.4%
    Lio Rush – 14.7%
    Takuya Nomura – 13.3%
    David Finlay – 5.6%

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    He deserves it. Just fantastic in the ring

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